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Spring 2016

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Special Feature: ETAS CROSSING BORDERS – Voices from the Belgian English Language Teachers Association

After an amazing journey to a variety of geographic locations, ETAS Journal is back to entrance us with the gifts of its travels – articles covering a pretty wide range of some of the most pertinent issues worthy of notice in the field of English Language Teaching, this time by fellow English teachers at BELTA, the Belgian English Language Teachers Association.

Editor’s Notes. As this cross-border project unfolded, the collection of articles proved to be an immersive and enlightening introduction to the people, culture, and landscape we were hosting. By sharing their writings with us, our Belgian colleagues transport us to the world in which they live and work, inviting us to explore various aspects of English language teaching in their home country. And by compelling us to examine how their writings bear upon our own teaching practices and professional perspectives, these authors challenge us to transcend our own particularity.

With this latest ETAS Crossing Borders offering, I owe James Taylor an immense debt for constructing the bridge over which we could stride to relish the unexpected but inevitably enriching lessons gained from being part of an ELT community of practice without borders, but also fundamentally about human connectivity, the nature of collegiality, and the experience of collaboration. Because this bridge deserves our crossing, I do hope that you will take time out of your busy schedules to discover the many different threads that weave the fabric of this outstanding edition.

Content Overview

Main Articles

   Beyond language teaching - towards Global Citizenship: Teaching English as a life skill / Mark Fletcher

   More than a guessing game / Rachael Roberts


   ETAS CROSSING BORDERS: Voices from the Belgian English Language Teachers Association

   Foreword / James Taylor


   Dreams, vision, and intention – The secret behind a great association: Interview with Mieke Kenis / Julie Mangold-Kecskemeti


  How e-tutors can sustain learner motivation and participation / Vedrana Vojković-Estatiev

  Three ways a MOOC can help your online writing course / Vedrana Vojković-Estatiev

  The ELT blogosphere / Mieke Kenis

  Making active and creative use of all the language in your classroom / Joris van den Bosch

  Homework: The dos and don’ts / Malou Van Loon

  The challenge of teaching English to dyslexic students / Julia Shewry

  The communicative approach to teaching conditionals in practice: Successful experiences / Jurgen Basstanie

  Teaching culture beyond the stereotype: A reflection on teaching difference of anglophone culture within a Belgian context /Eef Lenaers

   Five things we can learn from a ‘Road Test’ / John Arnold

  Capital, my dear Watson! Should ELF be officially recognised? / Joris De Roy  

And more…