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Spring 2015

Cover of journal issue Spring 2015

Special Feature: ETAS Crossing Borders: Voices from the English Teachers Association of Israel

Editor’s Notes: This issue’s contents exemplify for us yet one more of the many evocative as well as provocative crossings and journeys ETAS Journal has been making through ETAS Crossing Borders, our cross-border initiative aimed at connecting us with the ELT community worldwide. This issue’s Special Feature highlighting the remarkable diversity of writings of colleagues from the English Teachers Association of Israel (ETAI) represents one more bridge we had just built, one more bridge we had just crossed, reminding us of the ties that bind: place, community, language. It is clear that we are far from living in a world without boundaries, borders, or barriers – both physical walls and ‘walls in the mind’ – which makes not just crossing bridges but building one an imperative. Yet, it is a humbling experience to acknowledge that such a bridge would not have been possible if there were no solid grounds on the opposite banks on which to anchor it. So, for this reason, we offer gratitude to colleagues in the English Teachers Association of Israel for offering such a solid ground on their shore so that this collaboration would prosper.

Content Overview


    A further look at classroom management systems / Julia Schlam Salman


   Demand High in teacher training / Nancie Gantenbein and Lindsey Shapiro-Steinberg

   Red Riding Hood and all the rest: Teaching literature in high school / Lyn Barzilai

   An experiment in vocabulary teaching / Amanda Caplan

   Why bring art to our English classroom / Adriana Millikovsky

   Listening and speaking can be fun / Karen White

   Using games effectively in the EFL classroom / Ellen Marciano and Brenda Liberman

   Using Google tools to open your classroom to the world / Adele Raemer

   In search of lessons that make a difference / Gunther Volk

   Professional development: From Israel to the whole world! / Vicky Loras and Naomi Epstein

  And more ...