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Spring 2014

Cover of journal issue Spring 2014

Editor’s Notes: After many weeks of tumultuous preparation – organizing themes, soliciting contributions, holding meetings, and vetting, rigorously editing, and meticulously proofreading manuscripts – here we are again, bursting with content. As usual, we’re fortunate to publish exceptional writings by emerging and established names in ELT, writings whose thematic range and depth of insights are as diverse as their geographical provenance, reminding us how the whole world is close at hand, you only have to turn a page! We invite our readers to enjoy another exciting issue, with articles about pronunciation in English as a lingua franca, how to teach reading if you are a new teacher, how to recycle newspapers into classroom materials, how to make use of songs in the language classroom, how to use improvisational theater activities in Business English training, and deciding whether to ban or embrace smartphones in the class – these and more breathe life into this issue. At the same time, we are pleased to welcome another cross-border initiative – across disciplines, culture, and geographic boundaries – to connect with fellow ELT professionals and provide a mutually-nurturing space where expertise, best classroom practices, professional experiences, and challenges may be shared, with the goal of enhancing the teaching of English. For this ETAS Crossing Border Special Feature, I am delighted to welcome ELT colleagues from France sharing with us some of their best classroom practices, while giving us a sense of the rich cultural context that provides a backdrop to these practices.

Surely one of these articles will have the conceptual richness to enthrall, provoke, or delight you. 

Content Overview

Main Articles

   Pronunciation in English as a Lingua Franca: A brief introduction / Laura Patsko

   Some thoughts on teaching reading for new language teachers / Adam John Simpson

   Surprising humanity! Comparing ideal classmates in two countries / Tim Murphey and Septina Nur Iswanti

Voices of Experience

   Four great things to do with newspapers / Adam John Simpson

   Why bring a child into this world? / Kieran Donaghy

   Songs in the key of ELT: “Don’t worry about the government” / James Taylor

   Clarice Lispector’s “writing by ear” for the creative writing classroom / Malu

   Versatile stories / Elsbeth Mäder

   Teaching, not testing, listening skills / William Chaves Gomes

ETAS Crossing Borders: Voices from France

   English as a medium of instruction in French higher education / Divya Madhavan

   Teaching the French / Bethany Cagnol

   Play, fail, have fun: Improvisational theater activities in Business English training / Christina Rebuffet-Broadus

   It takes two to tango: The dynamic interaction of emotional and psychological aspects in foreign language learning / Jean-Marc Dewaele

And more…