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Spring 2012

Cover of journal issue Spring 2012

Spring 2012 – ETAS 28th AGM and Convention Supplement

Editor's notesIt has always been part of my work ethos to avoid duplicating our first issue, refuse to succumb to the comfort of an established, test-driven format, or to confine our contents to the usual type of subjects or themes. So things are a bit different this second time around, and in forthcoming issues they will be different yet again. So once again, I am happy to present another very varied issue. Contributions from a broad variety of locations across the globe give us the opportunity to engage with a wealth of research, perspectives, approaches, theories, and tried-and-tested classroom practices which all have clear implications for the field of English language teaching. In turn, their authors contribute their insights into our growing understanding of some of the most pertinent issues affecting language learning.

When I took over last year, I had change in mind – doing something new, experimenting, thinking outside the box. As a happy consequence, we have been fortunate to publish many outstanding works while expanding the content of ETAS J with articles contributed from various parts of the globe. Never leaving that idea behind, I find myself looking forward with great anticipation to this year, well aware that along with a fresh start come new beginnings and surprises. It is awesome to contemplate how the next issues will look, but if this Spring edition is any indication, I do know only one thing – this year will be another adventure. In putting together this issue, I drew inspiration from T.S. Eliot, his words lighting my path as I begin this year’s journey with ETAS J: “We shall not cease from exploration / And at the end of all our exploring / Will be to arrive where we started / And know the place for the first time.”

ETAS J Spring 2012 has chosen to mark the moment in this spirit. So, I turn now to what this issue is all about – celebration!

Content Overview

Main Articles

    Verbosity in requests performed by German working professionals / Sabrina Mallon-Gerland

     Authenticity in the language classroom through social justice: a student’s and a teacher’s perspective / Julie Mangold-Kecskemeti

     Writing for publication in language learning journals: some suggestions / George Jacobs

Voices of Experience

     Silent movies / James Taylor     

      Versatile cards / Elsbeth Mäder

      Dogme teaching in a Montessori Kindergarten / Yitzha Sarwono

 And more…