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ETAS Journal Call for Articles

The ETAS Journal invites the submission of articles on various aspects of language teaching and methodology, lesson ideas, surveys of teaching materials, and reports that address language issues in Switzerland or the surrounding countries. Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your work.


Please send submissions as a MS Word document by email attachment including a short biography, a recent photo, and postal address to:

The Editor (

The ETAS Journal reserves the right to make editing changes without prior consultation with the author(s). Authors will be contacted regarding any major editing or revisions. All contributors will receive one complimentary copy of the ETAS Journal.

The ETAS Journal and the author(s) hold the copyright to the articles published in this Journal. Articles may not be reprinted without prior permission of ETAS Journal and the author(s).

Submissions may be either:


Conceptual, research-based, or theoretical arguments that bridge theory and practice. 

Word count: 2,000 (maximum, including references).


These are aimed at helping teachers do a better job — in and outside the classroom. These articles are descriptions of, or reflections on, teaching techniques or activities, teaching methods, best practices, professional development, and other useful information, including target audiences, materials, resources, and procedures. 

Word count: 1500 (maximum including references).

All submissions must include a 50-word abstract, a brief author’s biography and recent photo, and a postal address. Articles should not include “commercial” text selling, promoting, or endorsing products or services.


These focus on practical teaching techniques and materials design. These articles include sample materials, notes on teaching procedures, and recommended resources.

Word count: 2000 (maximum including references).


Collections of short teaching ideas clustered around one particular theme. These would ideally include warmers, fillers, activities that could be extended to form the basis of an entire lesson, possible variations (e.g. for teachers working online). Where possible, please also include some activities that incorporate the learner's mobile devices. 

Word count: 2000 (maximum including references).


Size: A4 page size, vertical, 

Font: Arial, 12-point font, black, left justified.

Spacing: 1.5 lines

Do not use columns, indents or frames.

Do not use Headers or Footers

Tables and diagrams must be formatted in MS Word.

Other illustrative material should be in black on white and sent separately as an email attachment.

Photographs must be in JPEG format

Articles should not include "commercial" text selling, promoting, or endorsing products or services.


The ETAS Journal follows the APA 6th Edition Reference Style Guide. Sample formats for both in-text citations and references are available online at:

Please see ETAS Journal issues published after 2011 for examples.

In-text citations must be included in the Reference List.

Contributors will receive one complimentary copy of the ETAS Journal.


Summer 2022: Monday, 21 March 2022

Winter 2022/2023: Monday, 19 September 2022