Connect, Grow, Thrive

Cambridge English for Nursing, Intermediate +

Virginia Allum and Patricia McGarr

Cambridge University Press, 2008

ISBN 978-0-521-71540-9

This is Cambridge University Press’s answer to OUP’s Nursing books. The level is given as Intermediate + (B1-B2), but the emphasis on listening and speaking offers students considerable leeway. There is also a lower-level (pre-intermediate) book available.

Cambridge English for Nursing aims to improve the communication skills and specialist language knowledge of nurses and thus help them to build rapport with patients and their relatives and colleagues. The course covers core areas such as patient admission, taking medical specimens, patient handover, and post-operation assessment. Tasks and activities are based on everyday nursing scenarios. Vocabulary is worked on in almost all activities. The materials are also designed for self-study, containing all listening scripts and an answer key.

The series has a very helpful website with comprehensive teacher's notes and extra reference material, including a glossary of medical terms, common acronyms and abbreviations, and sample medical charts, making it an attractive short course in listening and speaking for nurses.

Heather Murray