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Visual Grammar Elementary A2

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 32 Number 1 Winter 2014

Jim Scrivener

Richmond (2013)

ISBN 978-84-668-1529-1

136 pages, paperback

Another refreshing can-do, communicative approach to learning is Scrivener’s Visual Grammar (Richmond, 2013), which uses colourful graphics, pictures, and photographs to visualise how grammar works. The book can be used for self-study, in combination with the online learning platform, or in class.

I like the emphasis on accessible presentation to the A2 learner: ‘I can say how often things happen’, although the jargon (Present Simple + adverbs of frequency) is also there in smaller print to reassure those who like to think they are learning ‘grammar’ rules. The About you sections personalise effectively while the Internet quiz sections encourage learners to apply their English by using search engines. The way the latter works by suggesting how input words can be completed to make a sentence or clause reinforces learning and empowers the student, giving the A2 learner a sense of achievement.

The author, Jim Scrivener, succeeds in his aim to help the learner “understand grammar better and make…study a little bit easier” by presenting grammar through words, collocations and chunks, etc. in an engaging, non-stuffy way.

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Helena Lustenberger