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Books and Materials for Review

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ETAS is fortunate to have the support of publishers and materials providers who make available the latest in teacher support materials: course books, resource books, teaching tools, apps and other resources as they come on the market. We offer the materials for review and the Book Reviews Editor sometimes asks ETAS members to review materials directly. ETAS members are invited to offer to review materials and can also suggest materials for review. The lists of materials are updated on a regular basis as required.

Writing reviews is not as difficult as you might think if you have never done it; we provide Guidelines and support so nobody should feel daunted. Review writing is a good way to hone your general writing skills. Selected reviews are printed in the ETAS Journal and reviewers may keep the materials they have reviewed.

Contact the Book Reviews Editor for more information: bookreview@e-tas.ch

Books and Materials for Review:

Books for review

ETAS Journal Book Review Guidelines:


Cambridge English for Nursing, Intermediate +

Virginia Allum and Patricia McGarr

Cambridge University Press, 2008

ISBN 978-0-521-71540-9

This is Cambridge University Press’s answer to OUP’s Nursing books. The level is given as Intermediate + (B1-B2), but the emphasis on listening and speaking offers students considerable leeway. There is also a lower-level (pre-intermediate) book available.

Cambridge School Dictionary with CD-ROM

Cambridge University Press 2008/2010

ISBN 978-0-521-71263-7

This handy monolingual wordbook (plus more!) claims to be for intermediate and upper-intermediate learners, but I think it could very well be introduced to a pre-intermediate English class.

DELTA Business Communication Skills – Meetings

David King

with CD

Delta Publishing, 2008

ISBN 978-1-905085-18-7

This is a slim volume that punches above its weight.

Working with architects and project managers who increasingly had to hold meetings with clients in English, I was searching for a coursebook that could help me deliver quick results.

English Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use

Raymond Murphy

4th edition, book with answers

Cambridge University Press (2012)

ISBN 978-1-107-64138-9 (ca. CHF 40.- from Thalia)

390 pages, including 145 two-page units, 7 appendices, 24 pages of additional exercises, a study guide, answer key, and index

English Unlimited, Pre-intermediate (CEF level B1)

English Unlimited, Pre-intermediate (CEF level B1)

Alex Tilbury, Theresa Clementson, Leslie Anne Hendra and David Read, with a team from CUP

Cambridge University Press (2010)

Coursebook with e-Portfolio DVD-ROM

ISBN 978-0-521-69777-4

Class Audio CDs (3 CDs, total playing time approx. 3 hrs)

ISBN 978-0-521-69779-8

Self-study Pack (Workbook with DVD-ROM)

Film, TV, and Music

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 29 No. 1 Winter 2011

Multilevel activities for teenagers

Olha Madylus

Cambridge University Press (2009)

ISBN 978-0-521-72838-6

Objective PET (CEF level B1)

Louise Hashemi, Barbara Thomas

Cambridge University Press (2010)

Student’s book with answers with CD-Rom ISBN: 978-0-521-73266-6

Workbook with answers ISBN: 978-0-521-73271-0

Teacher’s Book ISBN: 978-0-521-73269-7

Oxford English for Careers

Medicine 1                                                                                                                          

Sam McCarter

Oxford University Press, 2009

Student’s Book, ISBN 978-0-19-402300-9

Class Audio CD, ISBN 978-0-19-402303-0

Passport to Academic Presentations: New Edition

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 32 No. 3 Summer 2015

Douglas Bell

Garnet Education (2014)

Student’s Book, with free audio CD and online video presentations

ISBN 978-1-90-861468-1

79 pages, paperback

Teacher’s Book, with free audio CD and online video presentations

ISBN 978-1-90-861469-8

62 pages, paperback

Collins English for Life: Listening

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 33 No. 3 Summer 2016

Ian Badger

HarperCollins Publishers, London (2014)
ISBN: 978-0-00-754268-0
128 pages, paperback
B2 Level to Upper Intermediate
Collins English for Life: Listening

Focus on oral interaction

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 33 No. 2 Spring 2016

Rhonda Oliver and Jenefer Philp

Oxford University Press (2014)

ISBN: 978-0-19-400084-0

162 pages, paperback

Film in Action

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 33 No 1 Winter 2015

Kieran Donaghy

Delta Publishing (2015)

ISBN 978-1-90-978307-2

112 pages

The Legal English Manual

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 32 No. 1 Winter 2014

Alison Wiebalck, Clemens von Zedwitz, Richard Norman, and Kathrin Weston Walsh

Hebling Lichtenhahn Verlag, Verlag C.H. Bech oHG, MANZ’sche Verlags- und Universitätsbuchhandlung GmbH in cooperation with Lawbility AG (2013)

ISBN 978-3-7190-3423-8

179 pages, paperback

English for Economics in Higher Education Studies

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 31 Number 2 Spring 2014

Mark Roberts
Garnet Education (2012)
ISBN 978-1-85964-448-5
139 pages with Audio CD (with seminar/lecture excerpts) and a wordlist
Teacher’s book ISBN 978-1-85964-449-2
308 pages with lesson guidance, full key, audio transcripts and extra photocopiable resources

Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate

Business Benchmark Upper Intermediate 2nd Edition (BEC Vantage Edition)

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 31 No. 2 Spring 2014

Guy Brook-Hart

Cambridge University Press (2013)
ISBN 978-1-107-68098-2
208 pages

International Negotiations

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 31 No. 1 Winter 2013

Mark Powell

Cambridge University Press (2012)
ISBN 978-0-521-14992-1
112 pages, Student’s Book with Audio CDs (2) [Paperback]
CHF 36.20

Vocabulary Activities

ETAS Journal Volume 31 No. 1 Winter 2013

Penny Ur 

Cambridge University Press (2012)

ISBN 978-0-521-18114-3

260 pages plus CD ROM

Advanced Trainer

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 30 Number 2 Spring 2013

Felicity O’Dell

Six Practice Tests with Answers and Audio CDs (3)
Cambridge University Press (2012)
ISBN 978-0-521-18700-8    
256 pages and a 24-page colour Speaking appendix

Exploring British Culture

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 30 Number 2 Spring 2013

Jo Smith

Cambridge University Press (2012)
ISBN 978-0-521-18642-1

128 pages, Book with Audio CD

The Oxford ESOL Handbook

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 30 No. 1 Winter 2012                                                               

Philida Schellekens                                                   

Oxford University Press (2007)

ISBN 978-0-19-442281-9     

236 pages

Classroom Management Techniques

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 29 No. 3 Summer 2012

Jim Scrivener

Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (2012)

306 pages, £23.40 paperback

ISBN 978-0-521-74185-9

From Teacher to Manager: Managing language teaching organizations

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 29 Number 1 Winter 2011

From Teacher to Manager: Managing language teaching organizations 

Ron White, Andy Hockley, Melissa Laughner and Julie van der Horst Jansen

Cambridge University Press (2008)
ISBN 978-0-521-70909-5
282 pages, including appendix and references for further reading

Teaching Unplugged

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 29 Number 1 Winter 2011

Luke Meddings and Scott Thornbury
Delta Publishing (2009)
ISBN 978-1-905085-19-4

The Developing Teacher

Book Review: ETAS Journal Volume 29 Number 1 Winter 2011

The Developing Teacher 

Delta Teacher Development Series

Duncan Foord
Delta Publishing (2009)
ISBN 978-1-905085-22-4