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Information for Advertisers

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Dear advertisers,

Please follow the instructions on this page to submit an ad for the ETAS website which will appear like the example above. Please supply a .jpg image (1270x300 and under 2MB in size) and the URL you would like the image to link to.

ETAS will not provide performance or analytic data on individual ads, so we recommend setting up link tracking which you can check on your own. The image above links to a blog post on how to track your links, or you can use a simpler tool (with limitations) like to create custom links.

Please use the button below to submit your online advertisement:

Online advertising submission form

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How your ad will look on different devices

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a system for sending different images to different devices. Your image will be resized automatically, so we recommend designs that can be easily read at both sizes.

On a desktop or laptop computer, the ad will look like this:

On a mobile phone, the ad will look like this: