Website editing overview

Website editing overview

Accessing the editing tools: 

  • To edit an existing page, navigate to that page and click the "Edit" tab above the page content
  • To create a new page, move your mouse to the black bar at the top of your screen, hover over "Content", hover over "Add content", then click on "Basic page"


  • The content area is where you design your page. The page that people will see is the "Body". Write the text, apply the formatting you would like, insert images and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page to publish it.
  • Each page can be referenced on other pages as a "Summary" that appears as a little box. The text that appears in this box can be collected automatically by the system, or you can write it yourself by clicking "Edit summary" in the content area.
  • "Header" is an image that will appear at the top of the page and in the summary. It also appears when people link the page in social media. 
  • "Teasers" are used if you want to show the summaries of other pages. These can be combined with other page content in different ways.
  • "Layout" can be ignored in most cases.
  • "Text format" (below the text editor window) is used to change between the formatted text that you'll see on the page and any underlying HTML code. It's never necessary to switch to HTML, but you can access the code directly this way if you want to.

Final steps

  • If you are editing an existing page, just scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Save"
  • On new pages, in "Menu settings", please make sure to tick the box next to "Provide a menu link" and also remember to choose a "Parent item". The parent item of the page you're reading now is Help. If you are creating an external event, the parent should be External events. If there is no parent item, your new page will appear in the menu at the top of every page--not a good look!
  • If you want to make a page that regular users can't see (maybe you want to make a page in advance or just see how something looks), click on "Publishing options" at the bottom of the page and then un-click "Published". Now you can save your page and come back to it later, but nobody can see it except for other editors on the site