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Advanced hyperlinks and HTML

Text from Microsoft Word, or Google docs, or emails, or any kind of text that has links in the text or bold/italic text is called formatted text. Drupal uses HTML to perform the formatting on our pages, but when we paste text into the editor all of the formatting gets stripped out. Here's what you can do to keep links in your text.

  • In the page you want to copy formatted text to, change the text format from "Filtered HTML" to "Plain text". This is done with a pull down menu just below your text editor.
  • Now, copy the text you want to bring in but paste it in this Online text to HTML converter.
  • Click on the "Convert to HTML" button at the bottom of their page.
  • A new window will open with your text that has been converted. Highlight all of the text and copy it.
  • Paste this new text into the text editor, while the text editor is in Plain text mode. 
  • Now change the text editor back to Filtered HTML.
  • You can select text and drag it around within a text editor window, but if you cut and paste, you will lose the links again--unless you change to Plain text mode.

It sounds harder than it is! You can't break things, so try it for yourself. Watch the video to see me do it.