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Adding videos

Go to the page where the video is hosted (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.). TED no longer allows embedding videos :'(

Find the embed code (on YouTube, this is a tab under the "Share" button). The embed code will begin with the text <iframe= and a lot of other computery stuff.

Copy all of the embed code.

Go to the page where you want to insert the video and begin editing the page.

Under the window where you insert Body text, there is a pull-down menu labeled "Text format". Change this from "Filtered HMTL" to "Plain text". 

In your Body text window, now you will see some code tags. These are marked with these symbols: <>. Now you can paste the embed code from YouTube.

We also need to add extra code so our videos work on mobiles and tablets: you need to paste <div class="media-container"> before the embed code and </div> after it.

Use the "Text format" menu (below the Body text window) to change back from "Plain text" to "Filtered HMTL" and you should see a preview of your video.


YouTube video:

Dailymotion video: