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Basics of web publishing

How to log in

How to find your page

How to start editing

What is all this stuff?!

  • Titles
  • Content area
  • Other stuff

Save, save, save

Delete means delete!

Adding your content

Writing your text

Formating your text

Uploading images--separate section

Inserting links

Save, save, save

Writing a summary

Adding images

Header images vs inline images

Image restrictions (Must be jpg, max 2MB, header images must be at least 1270x300)

How to add a header (video)

Where and how to enter attribution data (video)

How to add an inline image (video)

Image sizes and image scaling

This image is too big!

This page demonstrates what happens if your header has the wrong dimensions, like the image above (1270x300 pixels is best).

You can still use other sized images, but they will get squeezed and chopped. This page will show you how to control your images.

Adding videos

Find your video

Copy the embed code

Open your page for editing

Use the plain text editor

Paste the embed code and add the "media container" code

Change back to filtered HTML and save your page!

Advanced hyperlinks and HTML

One thing that can be frustrating when you are copying text into the text editor, is that if you have hyperlinks in your text, they get lost with all of your bolded and italicized text. You'll have to trust me, it's easier to put this stuff back in than it is to get funny stuff out! However, replacing the links can take a lot of time. Here's a video and a guide to show you how to keep your links.

Uploading files

Now you can easily link to all kinds of files on your pages. Read the steps and watch the video here.