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Lausanne -- "So-Pro" Apéros -- Spring 2020

Spring 2020 dates: (usually 2nd Wednesday of the month, except 1st Wed. in October)

  • Wed., March 11 ---  7-9pm

  • Wed., April 8 --- 7-9pm

  • Wed., May 13 --- 7-9pm

  • Wed., June 10 --- 7-9pm

  • --- July --- hiatus

  • --- August --- to be announced

  • Wed., Sept. 9 --- 7-9pm

  • Wed., Oct. 7 --- 7-9pm

  • Wed., Nov. 11 --- 7-9pm

VENUE: Tibits restaurant, Place de la Gare 11, 1003 Lausanne -- table usually reserved near the "Neuchâtel" or "Geneva" alcove (or outside if weather is nice).

RSVP:  Sharon at 079.207.5129 or (at least 4 people must RSVP!)

Cost: only what you eat/drink


The sun was certainly shining on our August So-Pro! Eleven members gathered round to clink glasses!

Have a "mid-week unwind" at our quasi-monthly "So-Pros"!  We meet at TIBITS restaurant, conveniently located at the façade of Lausanne gare. TIBITS offers an excellent range of beverage choices plus a seriously good vegetarian buffet, many items of which are also vegan and/or gluten-free. This restaurant allows people to pay separately so they can come and go at their convenience. And if you're taking the train home, just step out the back door onto Platform 1!