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Lausanne -- "So-Pro" virtual Apéros -- 2021

The ETAS Vaud-Fribourg group is still playing it safe and "zooming" our So-Pros until further notice.  We welcome people from Romandie and anywhere else in Switzerland to join us.

While our face-to-face meetings took place in restaurants over dinner time, the virtual meetings occur later in the evening, after dinner and bedtime for parents with younger children. They've also been shortened to 1 hour in length, since many of us already have enough screen time in our lives these days! Still, it's a good way to maintain connections and make new acquaintances.

First meeting of 2021:

  • Wed., February 10 --  8:30 - 9:30pm  -- via ZOOM Stay tuned for our 2021 meeting dates

Contact Sharon Acton for more details and for zoom link: