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Lausanne: 12 October -- WORKSHOP -- Maximising Student Talk Time

We often hear about the balance of STT vs TTT being key to success in the classroom and certainly for a student-centred, communicative learning environment there needs to be a substantial amount of STT. This is all the more important given that students often have only two or three periods of English a week. Therefore it’s imperative that students get as many opportunities to speak as possible during the class time they have. However, maximising STT is not just maximising the amount, but also the quality of the STT in terms of its usefulness and productiveness. In this practical session we’ll look at what balance of STT vs TTT we should be aiming for, what constitutes quality STT and how we can optimise it with our learners.

As an in-house teacher trainer for National Geographic Learning ELT in Bournemouth, Alex Warren enjoys developing teachers on an international scale. He has has worked in the worlds of journalism and teaching over the years, including the positions of academic director of a private language school and consultant for ELT materials.