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Next Session: Thursday, 23 June 2022, 7-8 pm

TTT sessions are informal, online meetings where teachers can discuss topics that concern us. Looking for our next discussion leader. Will it be you?

Business English-Swap Shop

Discussion leader:  Sharon Acton

Host: Rumana Yasin

It's TTT with a twist!  Let us connect and swap some interesting ideas and activities to make the Business English Lessons more interesting and engaging. Led by Sharon Acton, who has taught Business English classes at the University of Lausanne for over 10 years, the aim is to discuss various aspects of Business English Lessons and exchange resources and experiences. You are also invited to share your favorite activities or techniques to use in lessons!

Sharon has lived in the French-speaking part of Switzerland since 2001. She has primarily taught university courses for exam preparation (TOEFL), Business English as well as Economics, and general English.

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The online TTT platform is designed to be a place where first time presenters or Zoom hosts are welcome.  Any ETAS or non-ETAS member can lead a TTT discussion session. Whether you are interested hosting a session or leading a discussion, please contact: Rose Nassif Travers via


Previous topics:

Friday, 13 May 9:00-10:30 am  / THEME: "Cracking the code of examination preparation" / Discussion Leader: Carol Waites, ETAS Publications Team Member

This TTT will focus on IELTS but in comparison with other popular exams such as Cambridge and TOEFL. Do you have any burning questions about the IELTS exam? We have collected some, and we will try to answer them, as well as discuss some thorny issues such as how to mark students’ writing, speaking, and other hot topics. We can pool our knowledge and resources and share tips for successful exam preparation at this critical time of year.

Thursday, 3 March 19:00-20:15 THEME: "Clearing the Air When Things Go Wrong" Discussion Leader: Rose Travers (ETAS PR Chair/Interim National Events Chair)

Not every class can be delivered perfectly. Especially when moods and energy levels are low caused by prolonged lack of in-person social contact. Motivation can dip for us all and is contagious. I'd like to share some real stories about recovering from a low-level energy class. And hope you can share a few, too. What did you do to turn things around in the next class? Reacting as quickly as possible really is the key.

Thursday 3 February 10.00-11.15 am: "Independent teachers: Let's thrive again!" Discussion Leader: Rose Travers (ETAS PR Chair/Interim National Events Chair)

Are you self-employed and looking for new students? As a self-employed teacher in the Zurich region for over 20 years, I am happy to share what I have learned over this past year about up and coming niches that can replace former "cash cows". 

It's time to look elsewhere to continue earning a decent living. Let's share our stories to confirm together how the Swiss market in Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne and elsewhere may be changing and how we can adapt to it to get us thriving again.