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ETAS Online Teacher Talking Time

Believe it or not – we’ve set up a place where TTT (teacher talking time) is encouraged and appreciated!

Stay tuned for our next TTT sessions to be announced for 2022!


Thursday evening 18 November 2021: 7:00-8:30 pm

Language Coaching For Adult Learners in Business Contexts led by Gabriella Kovacs, hosted by Rose Travers

Gabriella Kovacs, who will be leading this session, is the co-founder of The International Language Coaching Association, and is an internationally certified language coach, business communication trainer (B.Ed., M.A.), mentor and teacher trainer. 

In this TTT session, Gabriella will help you discover how a coaching mindset can support adult language learners.  The session will begin by Gabriella defining what language coaching is and then move onto comparing how it differs to teaching.  We will take a look at the on-the-job learning that employees appreciate, and discuss the key driving forces behind language learning scenarios in business settings and how language coaching can support these.

This session will provide insight to those who teach business professionals who may be considering transforming from an English teacher into a language coach and also provide the opportunity to share experiences for those teachers who may already define themselves as coaches or use coaching elements in their classes.


Online TTT sessions are free for current ETAS members//CHF 10.00 for non-ETAS members.  Non-ETAS members will have the chance to attend their first session free of charge - so you can experience what one is like.


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The online TTT platform is designed to be a place where first time presenters or Zoom hosts are welcome.  Any ETAS or non-ETAS member can lead a TTT discussion session. Whether you are interested hosting a session or leading a discussion, please contact: Rose Nassif Travers via

For those new to Zoom, this short tutorial should help answer any questions you may have in how to join a Zoom meeting:

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