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ETAS Online Teacher Talking Time

Believe it or not – we’ve set up a place where TTT is encouraged and appreciated!

Please join us for our new monthly ETAS Online TTT Social where teachers can meet to talk, share and enjoy each other’s company. 

We look forward to welcoming teachers throughout Switzerland so, together, we can create a unique chance to connect with others from different regions of the country.

We’ll also be using breakout rooms so you can have both discussions with the entire group as well as in smaller ones. Of course, respect and friendliness is expected amongst all members to create a supportive and thriving online community.
Shop talk is allowed but this is not necessarily the only topic of conversation!

These meet-ups are currently open to ETAS and non-ETAS members alike, so why not join us? Date and time of the upcoming TTT will be advertised on our Social Media pages and the event will be streamed live in our private ETAS Teacher’s Room Facebook group, so if you don’t feel like joining just yet, you can still be with us :)

Starting in June, these online sessions will run once a month on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 19:00-20:30 There will be a different topic chosen for each month's session, which will be announced in the ETAS Teacher’s Room in advance.
Please register here:

For those new to Zoom, this short tutorial should help answer any questions you may have in how to join a Zoom meeting: