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REVIEW - ETAS 2017 PD Day - Download Materials!

The Professional Development Day 2017 was held on the 23 September 2017 at the Seeland-Gymnasium, Ländtestrasse 12, 2503 Biel-Bienne. ETAS conferences are always exciting events, and this year's PD Day was absolutely no exception!

With an exciting program including more than 30 workshops led by well-known speakers,  ETAS PD Day this year was, In a word, magical!   Many thanks to Urs Kalberer and Team, Associates and Publishers, sponsors and speakers for treating us guests to a fab day of teacher training, sharing ideas and materials, and fun!!!

  Click on the image to download the program!

ETAS is always grateful to presenters who provide slides or pdfs of their workshop presentations and hand outs. This not only saves in photocopying costs, and the environment (fewer trees needed for paper!), but allows access to the valuable resource information to those who could not attend. Enjoy!

Neil Bullock - 1-1 Teaching

Sylvie Donna - Bringing the World into Teaching

Choreanne Frei - The Teacher's Voice

Rebecca Hill - The EVP: Taking the guesswork out of vocabulary

Ben Hoyt - Tech Workshop: How to send students an email in less than five seconds

John Hughes - Critical Thinking in Business English

John Hughes - The 'Selfie' Classroom Observation

Patrick Huwyler - Teaching Hospitality English: A Handbook

Liz Jolliffe - Coaching: A more effective approach in Business English?

Nicole Küpfer - Embodying Text: literary interpretation and presentation

Jayne Kyte - Business Result 2e

Angela Lloyd - Don't be Stuck for Words

Rüdiger Scherpe - Heterogeneous groups? Mixed-level activities!

Geoff Tranter - An All-Inclusive Approach to Teaching English

Jon Wright - Building Fluency