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2022 PD Day Arrival Information Extra Details

For event attendees who wish to go through Bern on their way to the event, the scenic route involves a change of transport (thanks to road construction). 

Stage 1: Bern main station to Zytglogge

  • Option 1: walk 10 minutes
  • Option 2: take bus 10 or 12 or tram 7 or 8. The trams will stop in the most convenient place at Zytglogge. Here is where you catch the transport at the Bern main station: 

Stage 2: Take the number 6 tram from Zytglogge to Gümligen, Siloah

Check the diagram below to see the dropoff points at Zytglogge and where to catch the number 6 tram (direction Worb Dorf) to Gümligen, Siloah

Finally, check the image below to see a photo of where to catch the number 6 tram at Zytglogge.