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2022 PD Day Presentations

We have collected all available presentations from the 2022 Professional Development Day for ETAS members to access.  Many thanks to the presenters who have generously provided them.  

Workshop Session A : 11.00 – 12.00

A1 Margaret O'Keefe

Teaching in-demand soft skills effectively 

A3 Anna Bennett

How technology can help us create communicative activities for the language classroom

A4 Natasha Costello

Teaching English for business networking: using small talk communication skills to build professional relationships

A5 Jayne Kyte

The ins and outs of teaching reading skills for IELTS

A6 Leo Selivan

Mind the _____: Rediscovering gap-fills

Afternoon plenary

Montse Costafreda

Wellbeing: The invisible thread

Workshop Session B 14.45 – 15.45

B1 Rachael Harris

It ain’t what you teach, it’s how you teach it

B2 Elaine Cash

Singing and learning in Early Years English

B4 Ian McMaster

007 strategies for (more) success in business communication

B5 Carol Waites

Giving feedback on writing assignments at B2+ level

B6 Group: Sara Cotelli Kureth and Elana Summers

“I looked it up in DeepL”: Machine translation and other digital tools in the language classroom

B7 Group: Erika Fauchère, Karen Greaney, Phil Schiller, and Sylvia Goetze

A panel discussion about native speakerism

Workshop Session C 16.15 – 17.00

C1 Margaret O’Keefe and Mary Schnueriger

Stand Up! Be Yourself! In English!

C2 Choreanne Frei and Heather Johnson

Get me out of here!

C3 Judith Manhart

Motivation in a teenage classroom

C4 Fabiane Lombardi

Let’s just move!

C5 Philip Schiller

Dare to be different . Please contact Phil directly at

C8 Jillaine Farrar

Interculturality - Linking theory and practice

Jillaine has also provided access to a chapter she co-wrote with Mary Gene Saudelli from the book "International Leadership: Effecting Success across Borders in a Boundaryless World" edited by Ingo Stolz & Sylvie Oldenziel Scherrer, published in 2022 by Springer.

Co-leading an International Collaborative Team: Relationships Matter