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2022 ETAS Professional Development Day, Bern

Image courtesy of Bern Welcome

We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming 2022 Professional Development Day "Turning the Page" in Bern on Saturday, 10 September 2022!

Applications for presenters are held open now only for stand-by replacement purposes. 

Topics that can support teachers from various teaching backgrounds are encouraged. 

ETAS Special Interest Groups have found members interested in:  

  • Young Learners and Teens (including very young learners/Montessori)
  • Independent Teachers & Business English (marketing and networking strategies to attract students, finding your own niche)
  •  Business English (teaching/coaching communication skills)
  •  Learning Technologies (apps and tools to keep students engaged)
  •  Testing (learn more about Swiss school language assessment/test changes, specifically re: BEC exams alternatives)
  • Sustainability (integrating sensitive topics into class activities and discussions)
  • Drama & Literature (activities that help increase student self-confidence and cultural awareness)

For a back-up plenary speaker, those familiar in particular with the Swiss education system as well as work opportunities in Swiss private schools would be welcome.

Call for Presenters

NOTE: We will closely monitor COVID-related protocols for indoor events and adapt policies accordingly.  Changes, if any required, will be posted on our website and shared through our newsletter and social media channels in case we need to hold the event online, for example.