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Event page - 2020 Online Professional Development Day

Welcome to the event page for the 2020 ETAS Online Professional Development Day! Scroll down to join the action!

You should see streams and chat rooms for the presentations, as well as a link to a virtual space where you can meet colleagues and chat during breaks and after the event. If you have any questions or problems accessing the streams, meetings, chat rooms, or the virtual conference center please contact

Read the programme here

There are three possible levels of participation: passive, active or interactive.

  • Passive participation: just click play on the YouTube videos you see below! You'll be able to watch everything without worrying about cameras or microphones. You can still ask questions to the presenters by using the Chatzy link below each stream and typing your question. A moderator will pass your message to the presenter. This is also how you can watch a session if you arrive late.
  • Active participation: join the Zoom meeting to be able to ask your questions and respond in real time. You can turn your camera off and we ask that you make sure your microphones are muted! This will allow you to "raise your hand" and ask questions directly to the presenter. The links to join the Zoom meeting are below the YouTube videos. Please join the meetings before the scheduled start time, the "doors" will close when it's time to begin!
  • Interactive participation: during the breaks, it's always great to visit the book exhibition and catch up with friends and colleagues. We can still do that this year in the ETAS Gather town It's a virtual conference center where you control a little character--when you move next to someone else's character, it opens a video call! Our speaker sponsors and associate members have set up some exciting interactive video displays and have a bunch of fantastic new products to tell you about. And you can mingle with friends too, of course! You can just click the button above to join or you can read more about how to use Gather Town here

After the event, leave your feedback, collect the presenters' slides and collect your virtual goody bag!

Please click here after the event has finished to leave your feedback. Come back to the same page next week to download the slides from the presenters and to collect a goody bag with some special offers from our associate members!

Stream A

9:00 - Welcome, 9:15 - Ben Hoyt, 10:30 - Joe Dale, 11:45 - Carol Waites, 13:30 - Dina Blanco Ioannou, 14:45 - Charlotte Murphy (Oxford University Press), 16:00 - Alex Warren (National Geographic Learning), 17:00 - Final Word

Please see the event programme for details of each workshop and speaker

Chat channel A Password: Zurich

Join the Zoom meeting here:
(Zoom Meeting ID: 842 6426 0630 and Passcode: 323971)

Stream B

10:30 - Urs Kalberer, 11:45 - Thom Kiddle (NILE)

Please see the event programme for details of each workshop and speaker

Chat channel B Password: Geneva

Join the Zoom meeting here:
(Zoom Meeting ID: 863 9173 1050 and Passcode: 006096)

Mixing and Mingling

Be sure to visit our virtual conference center! ETAS Gather Town is where you can visit our speaker sponsors and associate members, who have set up some fantastic interactive video displays in the space and a have bunch of brilliant new products to tell you about. You can also just wander around and connect with the people you always catch up with at ETAS events. Just click the link above to get started or you can read more about how to use Gather Town here