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2020 ETAS Online Professional Development Day

Our first ever online Professional Development Day is approaching fast: September 12th! This free event is only available to ETAS members, so make sure you renew or sign up now!

Our programme will be coming shortly, but here are some of the confirmed speakers so far: 

  • Dina Blanco
  • Joe Dale
  • Ben Hoyt
  • Urs Kalberer
  • Thom Kiddle
  • Carol Waites
  • Alex Warren

This page will have all the information you need about the format of the day and the technology we will be using. Support will be available on the day! We will also be trying a new application that will allow you to virtually walk around a space and start video calls with other people there, so we hope you will enjoy this aspect too. We will regularly update this page over the summer and leading up to the event, we're looking forward to seeing you in September!