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2019 ETAS Professional Development Day, Bern

The ETAS 2019 Professional Development Day took place on Saturday, 7th September at the International School of Berne in Gümligen. This year's plenary speakers Dr. Briony Beaven and Lindsay Clandfield shared their expertise and insights in their respective specialist areas with us.

Here's what attendees said about the event:

"An injection of ideas and inspiration. A must-attend event for the engaged teacher."
"ETAS PD DAY in Bern confirmed for me again the value of networking. It was a great day and provoked much thought."
"Life-long learning is now a must, come to ETAS, don't bite the dust!"
"The people who organize the event and the attendees I meet give me a huge boost that I wish I could have more often."
"I took something away from every one of the workshops I attended and I also had plenty of time to chat with colleagues."
"I come away energised having met so many great professionals. Full of ideas for my classroom teaching."
"Superbly organized PD ETAS. Great workshops, lovely venue, friendly atmosphere, welcoming staff. And freebies!!! ;)"

Please click the image below to download the programme: 

Want to review? Download slides from the presentations below

Opening plenary

Lindsay Clandfield: What’s happening to writing?

plus: 20 Questions about writing

Closing plenary

Dr. Briony Beaven: Our life paths in the ELT profession

Workshop session A

Dr Briony Beaven: Successful English teaching and learning with older learners

Jasper Kok: Discover “My Languages, A Multilingual Portfolio”

Will Rennie: Framing Communication

Lynn Williams Leppich: Seeing the individual in that sea of faces: how I make individualisation work

Lee Shutler: Stealing ideas from “Silent Way”

Workshop session B

Lindsay Clandfield: Six reasons to love the diversity of lists 

Ben Hoyt: Excel for ELT Watch the recording of the workshop below!

Sylvia Goetze Wake: Developing your use of student peer-to-peer feedback in the classroom

Workshop session C

Tim Black: Digitising the coursebook for the secondary level II classroom

Lee Shutler: Making questionnaires stretch students

Beverly Todeschini: Classroom Quizzes and surveys

Alex Warren: Keeping it Real – the benefits of real-world content in the ELT classroom