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Professional Development Days

2021 ETAS Professional Development Day, Bern

Teaching in these times of change

11 September 2021
International School of Berne, Gümligen

Confirmed plenary talk by Kieran Donaghy: What about the fifth skill of viewing?

In addition to Kieran, we are searching for more presenters--whether they be workshops, talks, paper presentations, open forums or otherwise. First time presenters are just as welcome as more experienced contributors! Please complete the form linked on this page to make your submission before Saturday, 15 May.

2020 ETAS Online Professional Development Day

Our first ever online Professional Development Day took place this weekend!

This free event was only available to ETAS members, thank you for your continued support!

Open the page to watch the presentations again and download the slides.

2019 ETAS Professional Development Day, Bern

Here's what attendees said about the 2019 ETAS Professional Development Day:

"An injection of ideas and inspiration. A must-attend event for the engaged teacher."
"ETAS PD DAY in Bern confirmed for me again the value of networking. It was a great day and provoked much thought."
"Life-long learning is now a must, come to ETAS, don't bite the dust!"
"The people who organize the event and the attendees I meet give me a huge boost that i wish I could have more often."

Visit the page to see the programme and download materials from the presentations.

REVIEW Professional Development Day 2018, Liestal

2018's Professional Development Day was another fantastic event with two great plenary sessions and loads of interesting workshops. Open this page to review the event programme and to download any materials the presenters have made available.

REVIEW - ETAS 2017 PDD Day - Download Materials!

Credit header image: Urs Kalberer

With an exciting program including more than 30 workshops led by well-known speakers, how was ETAS PD Day this year? In a word: magical!  Many thanks to Urs Kalberer and Team, Associates and Publishers, sponsors and speakers for treating us guests to a fab day of teacher training, sharing ideas and materials, and fun!!!

To download the program, please click here.