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Teaching in the Clouds (Workshop and/or online) - 9 September to 9 October - Ulm and Frankfurt

Four webinars (9th and 18th of September, 2nd and 9th of October), plus an all-day workshop led by Sabrina Lucidi (28th of September in Ulm or 5th of October in Frankfurt). 

The aim of this event is to help trainers both with and without experience teaching virtually, so that they will gain all the tools necessary to be able to teach English online. This is designed to be attended as a course rather than a series of stand-alone events. Beginning on 9 September and ending on 9 October, participants can take part in online training sessions based around a face-to-face training day. This gives attendees the opportunity to take part in virtual training events and to use software and platforms such as Slack and Zoom, giving them the chance to see how learners feel in online environments and the kind of challenges which trainers can face.

You can see from the programme outline that Valentina Dodge and Richard Osborne will be hosting online events, and we have an online workshop organised by LinguaTV which includes a free trial of their eLearning system for all participants. Our face-to-face speaker, Sabrina Lucidi, is a very successful online trainer based in Rome, who is making the trip to Ulm especially for the full-day workshop. To keep costs down for those with a longer journey, we hope to be able to offer some overnight accommodation for attendees from outside of Ulm with ELTAU members. This will be available on a first come, first served basis.


  • Face to face session only: €25 for ELTA members, €35 for non-members (lunch not included)
  • All 4 online sessions/webinar only: €24 for ELTA members, €30 for non-members
  • Combi Face to face and online: €45 for ELTA members, €60 for non-members

Registration deadline: 2nd of September

Please register by mailing and see the programme outline for payment details. For in formation on the Frankfurt workshop, please see this page.