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The updated Webinars site is live! We’ve enhanced the site to create a better user experience for teachers, whether they’re visiting our webinar page to register for an upcoming session or to watch a recording. 

Some of these enhancements are:

  • Teachers will now be able to filter webinars by segment, speaker and category 
  • Each upcoming webinar and recording will have a static page that teachers can be directed to
  • The subscribe form for webinar updates will be featured on multiple areas of the site
  • Each webinar recording is connected to key programs and initiatives through call to action links
  • Site organization is clearer and allows for more customization 

Visit the new webinars page now

Upcoming webinars: 

Let’s Get Ready to Pivot!

Presented by Drs. Joan Kang Shin and Jered Borup from George Mason University

The goal is to help English language teachers be “ready to pivot”—that is, be ready to provide effective English language instruction in any modality.

30 September 2020

9 a.m. EDT which is 3 p.m. Swiss time