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9-10 November - Bern - Cambridge English introductory seminar SEK I (for Schools Exams)

The Cambridge Introductory Seminar is designed to introduce teachers and principals as effectively as possible to the Cambridge English Examinations and their preparation in combination with Lehrplan 21 in one or two days. The aim of this introductory seminar is that the school and the teachers have the necessary knowledge to successfully prepare their students within the school structure for the Cambridge English exam.

Day 1 of the seminar is aimed at principals and teachers involved in the introduction and development of the Cambridge English Preparation Course at the school. The aim is to provide a good understanding of the topic and to give participants the opportunity to present their concerns and questions.

Day 2 - for teachers: The aim of the second day is to give teachers an overview of the following Cambridge exams: "First for Schools", "Preliminary for Schools" and "Key for Schools". This one-day seminar consists of four units of 90 minutes each. Each unit deals with one of the four parts of the exam: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Participants learn about each part of the exam the comparable characteristics of the "for Schools" exams in terms of requirements, tasks, language level and development of skills from A2 to B2. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore in more detail some of the characteristics of each task.


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Seftigenstrasse 99

3007 Berne

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