ETAS SIG Swiss public schools: TTT Round 2 – Navigating Diverse Learning Levels in Classrooms

Date: Tuesday 23 January 2024 at 19.00

Following our successful inaugural TTT on Swiss public schools, join us for the second discussion round focused on mastering diverse learning levels in single classrooms. Teaching in Swiss public schools often means handling a classroom where students, despite being in the same grade, exhibit varying levels of English proficiency and learning styles. This diversity poses a unique challenge: How do you effectively teach a class with such a wide range of abilities and interests, especially when using a standard coursebook? In our upcoming Teacher Talking Time, we delve into these challenges:

  • Strategies for balancing different learning needs in one classroom
  • Integrating compulsory coursebooks with diverse learning levels
  • Insights from primary school teaching: managing mixed-ability groups
  • Practical tips and tricks to make your teaching more effective to exchange experiences and learn from fellow educators across Switzerland.

Together, let’s discover new ways to make our classrooms more inclusive and effective for every student. Connect, share, and grow with us – because together, we can make a difference!

Discussion Leader:

Bettina Coppens

Bettina Coppens, ETAS Swiss public schools is a native of Switzerland with an MA in English Linguistics and Education. she has been enriching Swiss public schools since 2011, mainly teaching English at the college and upper secondary levels. Her expertise extends beyond the curriculum, having adeptly guided numerous teens to Cambridge language exam success and served as a mentor teacher. Presently, Bettina balances part-time teaching with roles in various teacher associations, the Aargau Department of Education, Sport and Culture, ETAS, and her studies in psychology.

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