Connect, Grow, Thrive

2019 AGM Workshops Session B

Saturday 13.00-14.00

Lee Shutler

Modernising tradition: Dictation and Dictogloss for the 21st century

This workshop will look at re-assessing the "old favourites" of dictation and dictogloss. We will consider ways of modernising them and making them relevant activities for 21st century teaching. In the course of the workshop, we will experiment with different ideas - from the teacher, from the students and from the web - with the aim of creating student-centred activities that are applicable to all levels of student.

Sharon Acton

Adventures in "Noticing" -- Materials design (Make and take!)

Educational research has shown that students generally master elements of language more efficiently if they have opportunities to discuss them and reason them out metalinguistically for themselves. "Consciousness-raising" activities can create occasions that extend "noticing" and guide students to maximize their understanding, particularly of difficult grammar rules. This is a "make and take" workshop, meaning you'll end up with an activity you can use on Monday!

Linda Walsh

The phonemic symbols in the classroom

A practical fun workshop on learning and retaining recognition of the phonemic symbols (IPA). How important it is to know them as a teacher and be able to support students’ articulation with this knowledge.

Sonja Vanyan Spenlehauer

English Grammar and Vocabulary activities for Modern ELT classes based on a conceptual approach.

Grammar is a frightening word for many students. And a larger vocabulary seems like an unreachable goal. Yet grammar and vocabulary exercises can be enjoyable and even fun when presented in an innovative manner.

Guy Walker

Teaching by the seat of your pants!

We teach in an age of increasingly sophisticated technology: learning management systems, MOOCs, Google Docs and online resources. But what happens when the wifi breaks down, or the computer crashes, or when the beamer remote has disappeared? This talk provides teachers with ideas on how to "wing it" successfully in a suddenly low-tech environment.

Sylvia Goetze Wake

Developing your use of peer-to-peer feedback in the classroom

2-part concept: 1) Using peer feedback in the language classroom to build autonomy, confidence and classroom dynamics. 2) Using tools in Moodle for peer feedback in a university setting.

Zeynep Jaggi

Nearpod as a Live Teaching App

This workshop will introduce the participants to Nearpod as a live teaching app. As the app will be used during the presentation, the participants will be experiencing its practical usage for various English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses. Firstly, the importance of using technology in class will be discussed briefly, especially for the so-called Gen Z, and examples in application will follow.

Margaret Fowler

You know it, so prove it! Helping learners demonstrate their true level in speaking and writing tests

Whilst students may have good knowledge and control of grammatical structures and vocabulary, all too often they do less well on the exam day because they fail to produce explicit examples of this knowledge in the speaking and writing tasks. This workshop will show how teachers can raise candidates' awareness of this issue and help them to produce a broader, more ambitious range of language, thereby achieving their full potential in most types of exam