Connect, Grow, Thrive

2019 AGM Workshops Session A

Saturday 10.45-11.45

Rob Dean

Shaken, Not Stirred - A Cocktail for Effective Workplace English

This session will deliver an exotic cocktail of language, skills and workplace training ideas that will shake up Business English teaching with a balanced mix of communication skills and functional language – for lessons to be sophisticated yet uncomplicated. This workshop will be garnished with examples from Pearson‘s brand-new, smart yet approachable Business Partner. Are you tempted?

John Potts

How useful and time-saving are digital teaching tools?

This workshop will look at the usefulness of digital teaching and tools.  It will explore how much time digital tools will save a teacher and how much effort must be invested when using them for lesson preparation and test construction, etc.  The workshop will also include information on which tools are for free and which must be paid for and, if so, what is the cost? Digital tools which can help with the teaching of reading, writing and speaking skills will be introduced and recommendations will be given as to the most useful ones.

Sue Wood

Time to revisit translation?

Grammar-translation methodology has been frowned upon for years. However, our students inevitably use translation as a learning strategy. Given this conflict, isn’t it time to review our attitudes to translation and develop an approach that accepts reality and enhances learning opportunities for our students? This workshop will focus on the good, the bad and the ugly of translation and look at possible ways of incorporating the art of translation into our teaching.

Michael Kedward

What’s new in the new edition of Headway?

A first look at Headway 5th edition, with its fresh, relevant English instruction needed for success in today’s world. Headway and its award-winning authors are names that have become synonymous with English Language teaching and learning. Discover the practical, real-life English that is relevant to your students’ lives with new topics and themes grounded in today’s reality. See Headway’s perfectly-balanced grammar and skills syllabus, based on the course’s world-renowned methodology, updated for 2019. Understand how to tailor a Headway learning programme to your students’ needs with flexible print and digital resources.

Jillaine Farrar

Integrating intercultural content in lessons

There is so much more to intercultural communication than high and low-context communication. We will look beyond the theories at some practical ways of helping students become more able to do business internationally. Jillaine will share ideas for tasks, including how she integrates intercultural and international research tasks into sessions. There will also be a possibility to share successful ideas of your own.

Jedrzej Stepien

Rethinking and revamping conversation classes for adults

With more and more L2 teaching being outsourced to computers and apps, conversation classes remain a solid bastion of human to human exchanges. Yet the ongoing disruption opens this area of teaching to being inundated by amateurs. What is the difference between professional and amateur conversation classes? The presentation is going to outline the state of conversation classes today, and propose a way forward to make the conversation experience richer, more satisfying and – most importantly - unmatched either by tech or unprofessional teachers.

Susanna Schwab

Is the coursebook your script or your resource?

In Swiss primary and lower secondary schools, ELT coursebooks are all prescribed and teachers cannot choose their own coursebook. Despite teaching with compulsory coursebooks, teachers still have to evaluate the materials and make informed decisions on what to teach and how to teach it. My own experiences and discussions with pre- and in-service teachers have shown a lack of teacher textbook awareness. Instead of relying on intuition and/or instinct, teachers should take decisions based on principles. McGrath’s principled approach to adaptation will be presented and discussed.

David Kaufher

Teacher attitude and leadership, the value a teacher provides

Learners come to you with expectations to learn, to achieve goals, to gain skills or at least to be entertained and kept interested in what they’re doing. Accomplishing their goals most effectively requires students to have a teacher who leads, and has the right attitude. What are you as a teacher doing that makes them want to keep coming back? In this workshop, you will practice some practical classroom techniques that build your value as a teacher and empower you to become a more sought-after professional.