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ETAS’ Graubünden has been dormant for a while now. A few inquisitive ibexes have decided to revive networking opportunities lying underneath and start our brand-new Graubünden So-Pro.

We’ll meet about 3-4 times a year, on Mondays. Our meeting point will be Calanda Restaurant in Chur from 7.30-9.30 pm. Our goal is to share our experiences, ideas, inspirations, and dreams with the motto: the sky’s the limit! Graubünden has so much more to offer than just slopes and trails. It’s a vast canton with several languages and dialects. Its residents are mountain-grounded and yet open-minded! If you’re new here, you might need a little time to warm-up to the area, so let some more rooted teachers show you the ropes.

All ETAS members from Graubünden or nearby St. Gallen or even Liechtenstein are most welcome to join. You don’t need to be an ETAS member to attend. Drop the Graubünden ambassador, Rita Donatsch, a line to check in.

Next dates for 2024 are 17 June and 28 October. More dates will follow later.

Cheers from the great canton of Graubünden!

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