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Testing, examinations and assessment

The Testing, Examinations and Assessment special interest group (TEA SIG) aims to provide a platform for members to share, discuss and source information, help and resources on all aspects of language testing and assessment. Whether you assess your own learners in continuous assessment, provide pre-learning formative assessment, or are involved in main frame examinations board or high-stakes specific purpose testing, this SIG is for you.

Each year, ETAS events provide many workshops and presentations on the varied ways and fields of assessment. Events also serve as a discussion and networking platform for test development, testing theory and language testing policy. The TEA SIG is represented at the international level through the IATEFL TEASIG and at other events and organizations, such as the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) and the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA).

Contributions are always welcome from SIG members. Please contact your SIG coordinator with any ideas, thoughts or questions you may have. We also welcome contributions from members, such as on resources, links, articles and study areas, that would benefit all SIG members.

The TEA SIG Coordinator is Carol Waites. You can contact her by email, say "hello" and let her know about any special needs or wishes you may have regarding the SIG.

2021 TEA-SIG update : here