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Swiss Cantonal Teacher & Teacher Educator (SCT&TE) SIG 

This special interest group (SIG) aims to unite English Language Teachers and English Language Teacher Educators from all sectors and cantons of the Swiss education system. 

Whether you work at a PH, a University, or within the Secondary and Primary sectors (private or public) this SIG is for you! 

Interested? Contact us by email

This SIG is coordinated by Eva Göksel, who works at the Centre for Oral Communication at the University of Teacher Education Zug (PH Zug). 

ETAS PD Day 2019
Saturday, September 7th 2019
At the International School of Berne
The Call for Papers is open!



The British Council offer CPD (Continuing Professional Development) webinars, will be of interest to both teachers and teacher educators.  You can watch archived webinars or register for upcoming events.   

Cambridge English Teacher webinars are available as 'live' events (for members). There is also the opportunity to replay any that you may have missed (available to non-members). 

Useful Links: 


The C Group 


Cambridge English

The British Council

The Teacher Trainer Journal

English Language Professional

Modern English Teacher

The following links are particularly aimed at SCT&TE contexts.  If you have any links that you think would be useful to add here, please contact us:

EDK (The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education)

CIIP (Conference Intercantonale des Instructions Publiques) 

IRDP The 'independent' research department of CIIP, responsible also for the evaluation of materials in the French speaking cantons)

Edudoc (Bildungsserver Schweiz)

Zebis (link to a list of education portals and teaching materials)

SKBF (Databank: reports on the Swiss education system, published every 4 years)

SBFI (for teachers in vocational and Higher Education contexts)


PER (the English 'Lehrplan' for all French speaking cantons)

Passepartout Fremdsprachen an der Volksschule

​New World (grade 5 & 6) 

Young World (grade 3 - 6) 

New Inspirations (for teenagers) 

English in Mind (for teenagers) 

Lehrmittelverlag Zürich

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