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Have you ever heard of Flipped Classroom? Here is some useful information:

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton

Article of the week

About the extra baggage that technology brings to education https://educationblog.oup.com/digital-futures/only-when-we-deal-with-our-technology-baggage-will-we-build-inspiring-technology-driven-learning

Upcoming Courses:

This summer IH London is hosting Gavin Dudeney, author of Digital Literacies and How to teach English with technology, for a one week course from the 7th to 11th August . For more details check out their site.

Past Events:

In our AGM & Conference 2017 we had the pleasure of having Michael Carrier present a workshop on how to become a digital teacher.  We could not only reflect on our role of educator in this digital world, but also have many tips on how to use some great tools. Here is his website, where you can find more information about his work and also have access to the Powerpoint presentation of the workshop.

Useful links 

Here are some websites that help me integrate technology in the language classroom.

BBCLE Interesting updated from BBC Learning English.

Quizlet This is a great tool for making vocabulary lists with students. I usually create some lists and share with them, and also encourage them to create their own. They can download an app and study their list anytime they want. It also includes pictures and pronunciation of words.

Lyricstraining I love this one! Students can choose a song, then they have to listen to it and fill in the blanks with the missing words. They can also choose the level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced). Fun way to practice their listening skills.

Write and Improve Students can practice their writing skills online and get feedback. I haven’t used a lot with my students yet, but I think it’s worth trying!

Wiziq Want to start teaching online? I used this learning platform a few years ago and I really recommend it.

Fleex Improve your English by watching TED Talk videos, Netflix and others. You can see the subtitle in English, click on the words you don't know and add them to a vocabulary list. It's not free, but it's a great tool.