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CLIL stands for 'Content and Language Integrated Learning' and is an umbrella term for a teaching method which integrates the teaching of content from the curriculum, e.g. the water cycle, simultaneously with a non-native language, in our case English. In Switzerland you will find CLIL mainly in primary and secondary schools. 

Immersion (as one form of CLIL) can be found in a lot of Swiss grammar schools. More and more vocational schools offer so-called Bili (bilingual) courses. Here, subject teachers teach their subjects, e.g. History, through English. In addition, students have regular English classes.

The table below shows examples of four possible CLIL models:

Adapted from: Bentley, K. (2010) The TKT Course CLIL Module. Cambridge: CUP

In all cases, the cooperation among language and subject teachers is vital!

This is the SIG for anybody teaching young learners to adults, especially if you are interested in your students learning English together with another subject, be it Geography, PE or Maths. So come and join us!

Peach Richmond

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ETAS Professional Development Day with Special Interest Groups
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ETAS Professional Development Day with Special Interest Groups
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