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Special Interest Groups

We at ETAS believe that a professional organisation is only as good as it cares for its members and their professional needs.  That is why we have a broad selection of Special Interest Groups (SIG) that put forward specific offers for their members.

Are you interested in developing your professional expertise or finding out more information in your field of English language teaching? Please feel free to take a look at our Special Interest Groups and connect.

Business English

The Business English special interest group (BESIG) seeks to bring together all current and new ETAS business group members to share ideas and keep updated on the latest ETAS events in Switzerland and beyond.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining BESIG, please email your BESIG Coordinator Markus Dietz at

Cross-cultural SIG

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In an increasingly converging world, the ability to lead, manage and motivate appropriately across cultures will determine the success of international endeavours, whether business, political or social. To overcome the staggering variety of communication styles and facilitate successful outcomes, all parties need to recognize the importance of intercultural communication skills.

Drama and literature

The Drama and Literature SIG aims to promote and support the use of literature and drama activities, drama in education, and related teaching (and research) strategies in English language teaching. 

English for specific purposes

Our aim is to provide a forum for English for specific purposes (ESP) teachers to share what we have in common, swap what we don't, and support and encourage all those setting out on the ESP road.​

CLIL / Immersion

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a teaching method that integrates the teaching of content from the curriculum with a non-native language. This can be the English teacher using cross-curricular content or the subject teacher using English as the language of instruction.

Independent Teachers SIG

ETAS would like to hear from teachers who own their own school, work independently, or give private lessons. The new Independent Teachers Team is creating a data base with names and other voluntary details in order to find ways to share ideas, challenges, and successes.  Click on the survey in the "Read More" section below to join this group. ETAS will be in touch with each teacher individually.  Stay tuned to this page as we slowly begin this journey together.

Learning technology

Technology, used to both assist and enhance language learning, has played an important role among English language learners and teachers.

The Learning Technology special interest group (SIG) aims to provide a space where teachers can reflect on and share new ideas about using technology in language learning. The SIG's objective is not only to keep teachers up to date on new trends in digital learning but also to encourage those still reluctant to integrate these tools with their students.

Materials writers

This special interest group is for anyone interested in creating their own classroom materials, as well as for writers aiming to become published ELT authors. Our workshops will focus on coursebooks, teacher handbooks, and the process of publication and self-publication.


The Research special interest group's goals are to promote and support research in English language teaching, including but not limited to the nature of research in ELT; the processes of doing, disseminating and evaluating research; and the role and relevance of research on ELT teaching practise and design of materials.

Swiss cantonal teacher and teacher educator

The Swiss Cantonal Teacher and Teacher Educator special interest group (SCT&TE SIG) aims to bring English language teachers and English language teacher educators from all sectors and cantons of the Swiss education system together. Whether you work at a university of teacher education (PH), in an English department at a university of applied sciences or a university, in a business school, within the secondary (lower and upper) and primary sectors or at a public or private international school, or are just starting out in the Swiss education system – this SIG is for you! 

Teacher training and development

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Teaching is a demanding job, and even the best of us feel downhearted and stale sometimes. The Teacher Training and Development special interest group (TT&D SIG) offers support for EFL teachers and would like to try out new paths and ideas to constantly approach the job from refreshing and exciting angles. You are invited to participate and take on more responsibility for your own professional growth. The TT&D SIG also offers the opportunity to explore different and new methods and approaches, and is also the perfect SIG to join if you are new to teaching.

Testing, examinations and assessment

The Testing, Examinations and Assessment special interest group (TEA SIG) aims to provide a platform for members to share, discuss and source information, help and resources on all aspects of language testing and assessment. Whether you assess your own learners in continuous assessment, provide pre-learning formative assessment, or are involved in main frame examinations board or high-stakes specific purpose testing, this SIG is for you.

Young learners and teens

Teaching young people is often seen as one of the biggest challenges in teaching EFL. Not only do young people come with their own motivational issues, but they are often part of mixed-ability group classes where teachers face the additional challenge of following a fixed curriculum, pleasing parents and ensuring the results are up to scratch – not to mention report writing and piles of marking!

At the Young Learners and Teens special interest group (YL&T SIG), we know how this feels and we’re here to share all the resources and practical tips you need.

ETAS believes that a professional organisation is only as good as the extent to which it cares for its members and their professional needs. We thus have a broad selection of special interest groups (SIGs) that put forward specific offers for their members.

Are you interested in developing your professional expertise or finding out more about your field of English language teaching? Take a look at our special interest groups and connect.