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Regional co-coordinators: Sonia Vanyan and Sharon Acton


Vaud currently has a membership of circa 50 members.  These members range from trainee to experienced teachers, teacher trainers and school owners from both the private and public sectors.  Vaud holds a minimum of two workshops a year and tries to cater to the broad range of interests that members hold such as teaching young learners, corporate and business English, coaching individuals for exams, etc. Suggestions are always welcome! We recognize the importance of community, so we are also currently hosting quasi-monthly apéros to increase our members' networking opportunities. We are stronger together!


Saturday, February 16th, 9:30 am -12:30 pm

WORKSHOP:  Intercultural Competence (click for pdf) -- presented by Sylvia Goetze Wake *

This 90-minute workshop will be followed by a 60-minute practical Swap Shop (choose between Young Learners/Teens and Technologies for Learning)

The Intercultural competence workshop will last about 90 minutes and be followed by 60-90 minutes of an exchange of activities by attendees. There will be two choices of workshop: Young learners + teens or (2) Technology to facilitate classroom management or student learning. Each attendee is asked to share an activity that works well in their context. (This could be printed, demonstrated, or simply described. If you don't have anything to share, not to worry -- just come and soak it up!)

Venue: Wall Street Institute, at the FRONT of the Lausanne station, above Tibits restaurant       

Price: Members chf 25 / Non-members chf 35    (Pay at the door -- exact change appreciated)

* About the presenter:  Sylvia Goetze Wake is a frequent presenter at the ETAS AGM, and has also given workshops at the Language Symposium in Sierre. Her teaching experiences have ranged from working with children, business people, and everyone in between, in both Switzerland and Japan. Currently employed at UNIL and EPFL, she focuses nowadays on university students from a variety of cultural contexts inside as well as outside of Europe. She is known for her professionalism, can-do attitude and relatability, and insists that she is "just a teacher sharing experiences and insights."

Registration -- Click here to send an email to Sharon and Sonia:

Monthly "SO-PRO" MIXERS -- 7:00-9:00 pm -- starting up again in March -- stay tuned!

Come join us for our monthly social / professional networking apéros -- NEW LOCATION: Tibits Restaurant  (Place de la Gare 11, at the far right of the FRONT of the Lausanne gare).  Cost is only whatever you eat or drink.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the dates of the Winter/Spring 2019 SO-PRO apéros. They will be scheduled once Sonia and Sharon receive their spring semester schedules (late February).

    Pictured below are the "So-Pro Regulars", aka the "usual suspects" at our apéros!

    Recent workshops and events:

    • Making Classes More Socially Active (9/2018) by Dr. Tim Murphey

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