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Ambassador: Sharon Acton 

Even during the pandemic, ETAS Vaud is alive and kicking! Vaud currently has a membership of circa 50 members. These members range from trainee to experienced teachers, teacher trainers and school owners from both the private and public sectors. Vaud boasts numerous events per year and tries to cater to the broad range of interests that members hold such as teaching young learners, corporate and business English, coaching individuals for exams, etc.

Due to COVID precautions, our face to face meetings are on hold until further notice. We hope to clink glasses in person again soon! However, we still get together virtually nearly every month. Please see the EVENTS page for information on our "So-Pro's" (Social-Professional Apéros, at the moment conducted via zoom).

Photo below: A good time was had by all at our workshop "Maximising Student Talk Time" presented by Alex Warren (sponsored by Cengage)

Our most recent workshops and events:

Maximising Student Talk Time (10/2019) by Alex Warren

Intercultural Awareness (2/2019) by Silvia Goetze Wake

Making Classes More Socially Active (9/2018) by Dr. Tim Murphey

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