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A star splash of words taken from Vaud members’ workshop reviews

ETAS Vaud region is now coordinated by 2 new volunteers; Sharon Acton and Sonia Spenlehauer.  Ruth Benvegnen and Lucy Kottsieper stepped down at the end of 2017 after a combined length of 14 years of managing the region.  More news about ETAS Vaud's new RCs coming soon.  Watch this space!


Vaud currently has a membership of circa 50 members.  These members range from trainee to experienced teachers, teacher trainers and school owners from both the private and public sectors.  Vaud holds a minimum of two workshops a year and tries to cater to the broad range of interests that members hold such as teaching young learners, corporate and business English, coaching individuals for exams etc. Suggestions are always welcome!

Upcoming events

On hold for the moment, our 2018 program is in the making!


Selection of past workshops and events

  • Learner-tainment at Christmas by Mary Schnueriger
  • Dyslexia in the EFL classroom with Marie Delaney and Sally Farley
  • Internet-based language teaching by Thomas Strasser
  • Engaging young learners with content, language and learning skills by Jane Maria Harding da Rosa
  • How web 2.0 can flip your classroom by Antoinette Dapples
  • Brain friendly learning and teaching by Mark Fletcher
  • In the Swing, it’s nearly spring, hands on activities for young learners by C. Borne and J. Johnstone
  • Making the most of the Internet and blended Learning by John Potts
  • Teaching through song, by Carole Nicoll
  • Teaching Business English with film extracts by Graham workman
  • Motivating material for teenagers by Graham workman
  • Fun activities for teaching English at Primary level by Graham Workman
  • Teaching teenagers, what on earth makes them tick? by H. Puchta
  • Something to do on Mondays by Mary Schnueriger
  • Teaching phonetic symbols by Linda Walsh
  • 2011 ETAS Annual General Meeting and weekend conference, HEIG, Yverdon

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