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Past workshops and events

Teaching Ideas Exchange (8 June 2018)

Teachers exchanged their favourite warm-ups and filler activities. Learning apps, useful websites and easy-to-use/non-time-consuming activities were discussed.  Teachers benefited from the creative ideas and could also provide advice and suggestions. We look forward to hosting another event shortly and welcome your ideas concerning themes or topics; please contact us at

Workshop with Lewis Lansford: Keeping it real – authentic video at every level (21 September 2017)

Use of authentic video in the classroom, from A1 to advanced levels, was featured. Author, materials developer and trainer Lewis Lansford provided participants several methods for analysing video in the classroom, including visual, audio and much more.  He demonstrated how to engage students with unedited and ungraded TED Talks, but in unique ways, such as cutting out sound, and focusing on visuals and language development. Participants came away with many ideas, which will encourage them to switch on the video projector in their classrooms. 

Workshop with Graham Workman: Teaching vocabulary for primary school teachers (27 May 2017)

Participants not only walked away with a treasure trove of over 20 activities, but also had fun doing some and being children again. Teacher trainer and author Graham Workman expertly demonstrated teaching the activities, taking participants through songs, mimes, rhymes, drawing, guessing and memory games – all a lesson in itself that highlighted his impeccable classroom management. Many visuals were used, underlining the importance of using these for young learners. As always, his special humour shone through. An informative, lively and very practical workshop enjoyed by all.

Workshop with Caroline Skelton: Creative writing (13 May 2017)

The workshop provided participants with a myriad of ideas on how to tap into students' creativity as well as their own. Thanks to Carolyn Skelton's inspiration and motivation, the workshop had participants engaged and more than curious throughout, and included techniques for haikus, character building, collage poetry and flash fiction. Activities could be used at any level to develop writing skills. Most importantly, creative writing is no longer reserved for native or C1/C2 speakers, but applies to a wider audience who may surprise you with a haiku, a stunning character or perhaps a memorable, collaborative short story.

Past workshops

Some well-attended, inspiring and above all very practical workshops were given by prominent speakers in English language teaching. Two were on using technology and two on skills and activities:

●    Teaching writing – advanced learners, by Carolyn Skelton

●    Going mobile, by Nicky Hockly

●    Websites and tools for teaching English, by Graham Workman

●    Things to do with texts plus one million and one things to do on Monday, by Rob Dean