Connect, Grow, Thrive


As a non-profit association we are always looking for members who will volunteer their time and energy to support our efforts to link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals in Switzerland. Here are some ideas you might want to think about. For example, do you:

  1. Enjoy organizing events and meeting new people? – Think about getting involved as regional coordinator.
  2. Enjoy sharing ideas and connecting people with similar interests in a particular field of education? – Think about becoming proactive in and/or leading a special interest group.
  3. Enjoy working from home and have an eye for detail and strong grammatical command? – Think about proof reading.
  4. Enjoy working closely with vendors, socializing at events and having a short term responsibility? – Think about helping out at a conference.
  5. Enjoy spending a lot of time online on social media and would like to promote the ETAS image on a broad scale? – Think about getting involved in social media.
  6. Enjoy writing or interviewing? – Think about writing an article or other piece for the Journal, or even joining the publications team.

Interest piqued? Want to join the team? Explore the current offerings by clicking on the links below to ask for more details. Also, continue to watch this space for other positions coming open in future.

Regional Council