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Teacher-to-teacher projects

Image credit: courtesy of Cindy Hauert.

Not just a charity, the ETAS Teacher-to-Teacher project is aimed at helping teachers around the world, both financially and professionally, who lack the opportunities we enjoy in Switzerland. The emphasis is on promoting a rich exchange of ideas, leading to mutual personal and professional development. The project also enhances ETAS’s image nationally and internationally.

There have been many projects undertaken and supported by the ETAS membership over the years in different countries such as Romania, India, Tanzania, and for the last ten years in Matopo, Zimbabwe. Members and supporters are invited to read more about the successes of this project which, though fully funded as of last June, will continue until the last girl we sponsored finishes her sixth year of secondary school. Our next initiative, to be officially launched at the Professional Development Day in September, 2016, will take us to yet another part of the world, Myanmar. Take a peek, and stay tuned for more details! 

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Matopo Primary School in Zimbabwe

Update - September 2016

"The first group of ten scholarship girls are graduating! Thanks to ETAS and other supporting friends, these girls have successfully completed their A-Level exams after six years of high school.