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Regional Ambassadors (RA's)


Neera Mallick

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Guadalupe Salazar

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Guadalupe grew up in sunny California where she studied Anthropology and taught the subject at San José State University. She moved to Switzerland with her Swiss family in 2015 and took her CELTA in Basel in 2016. She now manages the English team at a private school in Basel and continues to teach.


  Dave Kaufher

While there have been many stops along the way (Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, San Francisco, Dublin and Geneva), Ben finally feels at home in Bern. His first career was in computer animation and video games but now he prefers telling stories and engaging imaginations in the classroom. He's been teaching ESL and EFL since 2008 and received an MA TESOL in 2015. After many years working independently and for private schools, he now teaches at the tertiary level. He co-organises a monthly teacher discussion group for teachers in and around Bern to get together and discuss issues that impact their work, their careers and their students: ELT Springboard

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Central Switzerland

Jack Trythall

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Karen Greaney and Carol Waites

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Karen Greaney

Karen is originally from Ireland and has been teaching English for over 16 years. She has recently started working as a CELTA tutor and is a Cambridge examiner. She specialises in teaching business and general English in International Organisations.

Carol is British Australian and has been teaching English all her life.  She works at the United Nations and is specialized in writing skills.


 Rita Donatsch

Originally from Tanzania, Rita has lived in Graubünden for over 10 years. Her specialities are adult conversation and general English classes. A self-described working mother with three young children, Rita is your “go-to” resource for finding your way around GR. Stay tuned, as she will be organizing a networking meet-up (Kaffeeklatsch or wine evening) in Chur very soon. In fact, why wait? Simply contact her directly here: Send email



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St. Gallen

Matt Firth

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Nicole Jaks Nicole Jaks

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Nicole Jaks was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in Delaware, Connecticut, Texas, California, Arizona and São Paulo, Brazil. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Geography and Environmental Science, she moved to Switzerland where she married a Swiss-Czech and settled in the sunny region of Ticino. In 2012, she completed a MEd in International Education with an ESL specialization. She is currently working towards her teaching certificate for Swiss vocational schools at the EHB/ IUFFP (Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training). Nicole has been teaching English since 1997 and has experience in teaching Geography in Italian at public middle schools in Ticino as well as "Chat and Cook" classes to English language learners. She currently teaches EFL at SPSE Tenero (Commercial Professional School for Élite Athletes), CPC Lugano (Commercial Professional School), and adult classes for the Canton. She has been an active member of ETAS since 2006 where she has held the position as regional coordinator for Ticino. In her freetime, she is a full-time hockey mom for her two sons, Aleksander (1999) and Krystian (2002).


Sonja Vigneswaren and Laurence Bey

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  Sharon Acton

Sharon hails from Los Angeles, and moved to Switzerland in 2001. With a BA in French and a master's in International Management as well as a California teaching credential under her belt, the transition to ELT was a logical move. Beginning with a  3-year stint in the Swiss public school system, Sharon moved on to her current position at the University of Lausanne’s Language Center, and finished her MA TESOL from University College London in 2013. Her teaching focuses are academic skills, Business English, and TOEFL exam preparation, and special interests include CALL.

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Gordon Dobson