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National Events Team

The National Events Team organizes, together with the National Events Chair, the Annual Conference and AGM, and with the Teacher Development Chair, the Professional Development Day with the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Although different ETAS members volunteer to be day helpers at each conference, the members of this team take on roles for more than one event, lending their professional flair and experience to facilitate the seamless flow of stages in each conference program year-after-year-after-year.

Book Exhibitions Coordinator

Dawn Wenger

Dawn Wenger

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Dawn was born in Bermuda where she spent her formative years. She met her husband there and shortly there after moved to Switzerland to be closer to his family. During this time, she was offered a job teaching English and decided to take up the challenge. It was then that she realised she had a passion for teaching and decided to complete her CELTA. Dawn has been teaching predominantly in the Thuner / Berner region in private language schools.