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ETAS Journal Publications Team

The ETAS Journal Publications Team consists of the Publications Chair, the ETAS Journal Editor-in-Chief, the e-Newsletter Editor, the Online Content Coordinator, the Resources Editor, the Editorial Board (EB), the Production Team (Copy Editor and/or the Proofreader and the Desktop Publisher (DTP). It also works closely with the Social Media and Public Relations team. Together, they guide the growth and development of publications and contribute to the depth, breadth, and sophistication of its content, as well as ensure the smooth processing of ETAS Publications.

The Editorial Board assists the Editor in the production of the ETAS Journal. As the primary support for the Editors, the Editorial Board, ideally, must have some working knowledge of the substantive and technical aspects of publications or journal production and must be committed to the successful implementation of the Editor's vision for the Journal and other publications. 

Hannah McCulloch

Hannah is the Publication Chair and Resources Editor. After teaching English to all ages in 6 countries, she now lives in Zürich and is a Montessori educator to very young learners. 

Matt Firth

Matt Firth is the Editor-in-Chief of the ETAS Journal. He is co-author of Introduction to International Legal English (CUP) and has written several teacher’s books in the area of Academic English. He teaches Legal English at the University of St. Gallen, where he recently took on the C1 English coordinator’s role. Matt has been a regular contributor to Business Spotlight for over ten years, and also runs regular workshops for teachers of Legal English. He is Director of Production with TransLegal, the world’s leading provider of Legal English services, and a founder member of EULETA, the European Legal English Teachers’ Association. 

Markus Jürgen Dietz

Markus is the Editor of the ETAS e-Newsletter. He hails from Germany, where he started his teaching career in 2001. In 2012 he moved to Lausanne, mainly to learn French. He joined ETAS just a few months later. Having a degree in Business, Markus teaches General and Business English as well as German to adults and young adults. He also speaks Spanish and some French. Markus is passionate about travelling and also takes great pleasure in watching films, learning languages, reading, and writing.

Patricia Daniels

Patricia is the Online Content Coordinator. She has been teaching English as a Foreign Language in Switzerland since 1996. She specialises in tourism, hospitality and business management and mainly with international students in the HE sector. Patricia has a passion for remote teaching, e.g. via video conferencing tools and in virtual worlds. Patricia assists fellow ELT educators in the effective and innovative use of digital tools for pedagogical purposes and for continuing professional development. Patricia has a Doctorate in Education (EdD), MA in Online and Distance Education and a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature. Her research interests include open educational practices (OEP), open educational resources (OER) and language teacher professional development.

Eva Göksel

Eva is Swiss-Canadian and grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is now exploring her Swiss roots in Zürich and Zug. She taught German and English at the Lycée Français de Zürich for three years and she now works at the Center for Oral Communication (Zentrum Mündlichkeit) at the University of Teacher Education in Zug. Eva is also pursuing a PhD in Drama in Education in German as a Second Language context at the University of Zürich. Eva was a journalist in her past life and thus enjoys doing interviews for ETAS as well as contributing a few smaller projects to the ETAS Journal. Eva is also the ETAS Drama and Literature Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinator.

David Kaufher

David is part of the proofreading team. He has spent his life in culture immersion and experiential learning. Since beginning as an English teacher in Bern in 2012, he has endeavored to pass this experience on to his students. His focus is on task-based learning and applying a constructivist approach to teaching. David received his bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Brandeis University, his TESOL Certification from Oxford Seminars, and is in the midst of completing the Cambridge Delta. In his spare time he enjoys music, writing, and discovering Switzerland with his wife and two young daughters.

Lee Shutler

Lee has been teaching EFL since 1991 and has worked in Italy, Japan, Korea, and the UK as well as project work and teacher training in Siberia and Kuala Lumpur. He holds a DTEFLA and an MA TESOL from Canterbury Christ Church University. Currently he is Director of Studies at Hilderstone College in Broadstairs and can often be seen training for triathlons by running and cycling around East Kent. He says his best ideas come when he is running! His professional interests centre around maximising student confidence and humanising the learning experience.

Lynn Williams-Leppich

Lynn is part of the proofreading team. She has taught English language and literature at a Swiss grammar school for over 10 years. She currently trains aspiring teachers at the School of Teacher Education at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (PH FHNW) and is particularly interested in the teaching of literature, assessment, and individualisation.

Production Team

Matt Firth, David Kaufher, Lynn Williams-Leppich, Carol Waites / Proofreaders

Ron Sumners, Sumner Graphics / Graphic Design

ETAS Journal Review Board

Judith Mader / Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dr.Tim Murphy / Kanda University of International Studies / Japan

ETAS Journal Editorial Board 2016

The Editorial Board (EB) consists of the Publications Chair, the Editor-in Chief of the Journal, E-Newsletter Editor, as well as the Copy Editor and/or the Proofreader, the Desktop Publisher (DTP), the Social Media Coordinator, the Digital Content Manager, and the Book Reviews Editor. The Editorial Board assists the Editor in the production of the ETAS Journal.

ETAS Journal Publications Team