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Learning Technology SIG Event: 28 February 2022: 20.00-21.00


Fostering students' collaboration & autonomy in the ELT context 

English language teachers have greatly evolved and experienced a learning curve on how to deal with tech resources and so have the students.

The acquired learning can be integrated into in-person or online classes, especially making use of the students’ mobile phones if available.

This ETAS virtual workshop is offered by Learning Technologies SIG and will be led by Raquel Ribeiro

In this webinar, Raquel will share some mobile-friendly approaches and ideas to encourage using digital resources to foster communication and speaking practice in the context of teaching and active learning for the post-pandemic era.   Click here to learn more about Raquel and to register for the event. 

Testing SIG on Wednesday 9 March 19.00-20.30

Preparing students for the Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced Speaking papers

ETAS virtual workshop led by Laura Kennedy

The Speaking papers in the First and Advanced exams can sometimes be overshadowed by the mountain of the Use of English paper or the hurdle of writing an essay or a report. However, Speaking has equal weight to Writing and Listening, so what do you do to help your students prepare for this part of the exam?

In this workshop, we will look closely at the format and assessment criteria for the Speaking papers. We will also discuss what you can do to get your students ready for this important part of the exam, with tips and activities you can try in your classroom.

This is an opportunity to learn from each other, so attendees are encouraged to bring their own ideas to share with their peers. Whether you have been teaching these exams longer than you can remember, or if you have yet to start, this workshop will offer something to you.

Laura Kennedy is an ETAS member based in Lausanne, Vaud. She has helped many students pass the Cambridge exams at all levels from A2 Key toC2 Proficiency, working one-to-one and in group classes.

Let’s get speaking!

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