A message from the President  – Yuval Shomron

English Teachers Association, Switzerland

Welcome to the ETAS website!

If this is your first visit, welcome aboard.

You’ll find oodles of information and resources on the various pages.

ETAS is the place where teachers meet and share ideas, both in person at our annual face-to-face events and online gatherings.

We have an ever-growing number of opportunities to enhance our knowledge and find out how our colleagues are meeting new challenges and bringing higher standards to our tried and true methods. Regional events and teacher to teacher meetings enlarge our scope of education here in Switzerland.

We have a nation-wide network of pedagogues in every possible arena, and a Europe-wide pool of speakers coming to give workshops and writers contributing to our biannual journals.

I invite you personally to get to know ETAS via these pages, make new friends by joining up, and take part in our conferences both to observe and eventually to impart your own ideas to the rest of us.

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